Custom Orders

*Please note I am no longer taking custom orders at this time*

Please read all information carefully.

Custom orders are accepted.  All reborn dolls start as a blank vinyl doll kit sculpted by various artists.  I then paint the kit and root the hair one hair at a time into the vinyl which can take up to 50 hours to complete.  There are hundreds of kits available.

With a custom order you may choose the kit you’d like, whether you want a boy or a girl, the skin tone of the baby, hair colour and eye colour (if an open eyed doll). 

Portrait dolls are also available.  These do cost slightly more due to extra time it takes to make these.  For portrait dolls, I will need clear photos of the baby you would like your doll to resemble, at least one photo being a good close up of the face.  I will then look at the kits available and try to find one that best matches the facial features of the baby in the photo and then the kit will be painted with the skin tones of the baby in the photo.  While I cannot make an exact duplicate, I can get pretty close.  See adopted babies for portrait comparison photos.  Please note that specifying a size will limit the choices of kits.

All babies will come with a birth certificate, care instructions, an extra diaper, a white onesie, sleeper, one outfit, and a blanket.  If would like to send an outfit of the baby in the photo or if you’d like to dress the baby yourself, that is fine, and $35 will be deducted from your order.  Your baby will still arrive to you dressed in a white onesie.

Please contact me in order to receive a final price quote.  Once agreed upon by both parties, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit before I will order the supplies to make your doll.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for supplies to arrive.  Dolls can take me 3 – 6 weeks to complete depending on size, skin tones, hair style and my schedule (as I have a full time job).

Price List
The following are base prices (not including the cost of supplies which can range from $100 and up):
10-12inch - $200
13-15inch baby - $275
16-22inch baby - $400
23-24inch baby - $500
25-28inch toddler - $700
Play dolls are available using the cheaper and smaller kits and either have a wig or hand painted hair.  Play dolls are anywhere from $150-$200 total. 

If you would like painted hair instead of rooted, the price will be reduced by $40.

The following are extras that are available for an added cost:
Ethnic skin tones - $75
Painted and rooted combination hair - $50
Magnetic pacifier - $7
Poster putty pacifier - $6
Magnetic bow - $7